Posted by: Jodi | May 20, 2010

My monkey has his hands up.

This is more of a musing than an actual post.  I’m allowed one of these every know and then, right?  Everyone has seen the Three Wise Monkeys depicting “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” If not look up at the monkeys at the top of the post. We good now? Ok, now everyone has seen the Three Wise Monkeys.  This post isn’t about those monkeys.

It’s about this one:

This little monkey has been on my desk for years.  He’s supposed to hold a pen and look like he’s paying homage to whoever is using the computer.  At one point having something bowing in front of me was very appealing.  However, these last few weeks he has started to look different.  It’s like he’s throwing is arms in the air in the universal gesture of “You’re Hopeless, I give up.”

At one point I might have found it discouraging to lose such a devoted subject. Then it dawned on me, it’s all in my head.  I’ve never had a superiority complex (that I know of).  Lately it seems that the gap between me and the mythical land of writing perfection seems wider than ever.  This is what happens when you get exposed to more information than your brain can use.  All the random do’s and don’ts float around with no clue how to be applied to real writing.  The brain needs time and practice before it can adopt new rules.

The monkey is telling me it’s time to cut back on reading all the “how to” material and just write.

I better listen to the monkey.



  1. And perhaps not listening too much to well-meaning but pushy friends?

    • What? I don’t have overly pushy friends. What I do have are friends with great ideas and no problems with sharing them!

  2. Here I thought the monkey symbolized that we all need a little evil in our lives: the “See no…well, okay, just this once I’m gonna peek” monkey.

  3. Eerie . . .

    My last post (written before I saw this post) is about giving “less weight” to tips from others in order to listen to our inner voice (muse?):

    Look deep, the answers lie within. : )

    BTW: LOVE the monkey!

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