Posted by: Jodi | May 17, 2010

Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir

It is motivational music Monday.  Today, I’m excited to present the Eric Whitacre virtual choir.  This choir consists of hundreds of people from twelve different countries all working together to create a piece of breathtaking music called Lux Aurumque.  Without further ado:

Not only is the music beautiful, but the concept is beautiful as well.  Each of these people have given their time and passion for music to create a unique new form of the art.  Watching these complete strangers working together brings me the same feeling of unity that I used to experience when performing with orchestral groups in the past.

The participants in the choir never saw each other, they sang alone in their offices and bedrooms hoping they would be heard.  Writing can often feel like a very lonely profession.  We sit at our desk and spill out hearts on the page or screen with the hope that someday we can share our stories with the world.  What we need to remember, is there are untold numbers of people writing.  No two of us are alike, but our goals are the same – to be heard.

How will you be heard today?

Learn more about the virtual choir project:

Eric Whitacre’s Website: Main Page

Eric Whitacre – The Virtual Choir

A shout out goes to my wonderful hubby who told me about this choir!



  1. Twice as good, Jodi.

    First, the choral piece was imaginative and well done.

    Then, your wrap-up, tie-up brought it home in an impactful way.

    GREAT way to start the week!

    • Always great to get the week started on a high note. Hope the rest of the week can be just as good.

  2. Wow!

    What a lovely post to start the week off on a “high note.”

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