Weekly Review #13

This week has been a productive week here on the blog and in writing land.  I’m very happy for the coming of spring and all the sunshine.  My tiny garden is starting to sprout some early lettuces and with luck I might be able to get a little salad in the next few weeks.

Mr. Manuscript is making steady progress in the revision progress.  During the week one of the  climax scenes got stuck running through my head, so I read those chapters again. Last month, I had read through the same chapters and thought they were good but not great.  Now after working to revise and flesh out the opening chapters, reading these chapters was almost painful.  All the places that needed more detail seemed to scream off the page.  Yet more work to look forward to.

And people say that writing a book is easy – HA.

Here is the list of this week’s posts –

Quickly Quotable #6:  An Orwellian quote about being a scrupulous writer.

YouTube Clip: Lost Generation:  An inspiring clip about the changing attitudes of today’s youth.

Resource: KQED’s “The Writer’s Block” –   One of my favorite podcasts and a great place to get the writing wheels turning.

The Ellipsis . . . Demystified:  A humorous punctuation lesson on the use of the “. . .”  After I published the post I realized that I had my terms mixed. An ellipse is a mathematical shape that looks like a squashed oval.  An ellipsis is the “. . . ”  and ellipses is the plural form.  Goes to show that you learn something new everyday!

Movie Review: Children of Heaven – A charming foreign film I’d recommend to anyone.

You Know You’re a Mom When . . . : My top ten list of “Mommy Moments” to celebrate Mother’s Day.

As always, have a great weekend and Happy Writing!


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  1. …and what a week it has been for you, not only did you write six excellent posts, you managed to help a limping writer with his work.

    Wild applause!

  2. nrhatch says:

    I agree with Rik . . . wild applause! : )

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