You Know You’re a Mom When. . .

Friday is fun day here on the blog.  With the coming of Mother’s Day I’ve decided to celebrate by creating a top ten list celebrating the joys that come with motherhood.  Yes, these are from personal experience.  I’m sure by next year I’ll have even better ones to share.

You know you’re a mom when . . .

1) You calmly answer a question with the phrase, “it’s in the bathtub.” (Hubby was looking for the bottle of Tums)

2) You decide when to clean the floor by the amount of food debris that has accumulated. (Is this the reason people have dogs?)

3) You make “gourmet” mac and cheese for yourself by adding exciting ingredients. (My current favorite is Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce)

4)  You find yourself singing children’s songs in public, when you are alone. (la La la La, Elmo’s world!)

5) You know that silence is a good thing only when they are sleeping.

6) You avoid saying the following words: ice cream, play ground, swimming, outside, candy, zoo, treat, and Grandma, unless said item is less than 5 minutes away.  (Please, tell me this gets better as they get older!)

7) You make your kids be quiet so you can hear the words in their movie. (Sad, but true)

8 ) You crave adult conversation, but when you get the chance all you talk about is your kids.

9) You have caught puke with your bare hands.

10)  According to poison control it’s not toxic for two-year old to eat half a bottle of Tums. (Strange enough, this is not related to the other Tums incident)

I’m sure all of you have one or two “mommy moments” that deserve a place on this list as well.  Tell me all about them in the comments section!


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6 Responses to You Know You’re a Mom When. . .

  1. nrhatch says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Jo! : )

  2. On the other hand, your new and extended powers make you every bit a superhero as Elastic Girl.

    • tsuchigari says:

      Although I’ve never thought of it that way, writing can be considered a super power. The ability to create a reality from a collection of thoughts and people it with dreams ought to be just as impressive as walking thorough walls or flying. In that aspect we are all superheros in our own right. Thanks!

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  4. Paula says:

    I have too many “Mommy Moments” to mention at once. My favorites might be: ” You know you’re a Mom when you find yourself picking your child’s teeth for them.” Or: You know you’re a Mom when you find yourself restraining with your right forearm even the adults in the front seat when you come to a sudden stop, or pointing out points of interest like “Moo-Cows!” or “Horses!” when there are only adults in the car.

    Another comment in re your moments: Yes – it is good to have a dog. And, like Roseanne Barr, I’ve decided not to vacuum anymore until Sears comes out with a riding model! My motto for years has been “A clean house is a sign of a misspent life!” And I guarantee the evidence clearly shows that I have not misspent one single second of my life.

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