Posted by: Jodi | May 4, 2010

Resource: KQED’s “The Writer’s Block”

The first thing I did when I got my iTouch was look for podcasts to listen to while driving.  I stumbled across The Writer’s Block, a weekly program featuring writers reading their latest work, including short fiction, chapter excerpts, and poetry.  They have huge archives and are very easy to download to a computer or any listening device.

Whenever I need an escape I can plug-in and disappear into a different reality for 10 – 15 minutes.  Not only is this a sanity preserver, it is a great way of opening up the mind for new ideas.  My only regret for listening while driving is that you can’t write ideas when they come.   You can only hope to remember them when you reach a stoplight or your destination.

KQED’s Writer’s Block



  1. Jodi
    It is for that very reason I carry a small digital recorder with me. An idea hits, I “write” it down.

    Come to think of it, doesn’t the iTouch have that ability? Working the controls while driving might be problematic, but still…

    • It can be a voice recorder, but you have to plug in the headset. It doesn’t have a mic built in. If I was playing the podcast on it then I would have to turn off the podcast to open the recorder. They say that the new platform will support multitasking , yay!

  2. The Writers Block . . . ends writers block. : )

  3. I have two apartments…one right in the center of Writer’s Block, the other is right around the corner from it…

    • Sounds like a nice neighborhood! I hope the other apartment has a great view.

  4. […] Resource: KQED’s “The Writer’s Block” –   One of my favorite podcasts and a great place to get the writing wheels turning. […]


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