Posted by: Jodi | April 24, 2010

Weekly Review #11

Recovering from last week’s car accident was yet another fantastic excuse to not wake early to work on dear Mr. Manuscript.  I did put in a few hours further developing the early chapters, and had a very helpful read through which will give me lots to work on.  Next week I will have several evenings to myself where I can put in some more good hours.  Butt in chair = work gets done (thank you Yolen!).

Don’t ask about life in short story land, this week it didn’t exist.  I want it to because it is fun.  I would love to start a series flash fiction as a regular feature on the blog, but I would have to love the premise, which means that I would have to find a great premise to work from.  I’m taking ideas.

Here are the posts from this week:

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Fun Friday: That’s Punny! A brief lesson on the world’s most annoying joke

Here’s to a great weekend for everyone, until Monday –

Happy Writing!



  1. Excellent posts . . . all week.

    Good luck with Mr. Manuscript. : )

    • He had better behave himself or he’ll never get finished.


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