Posted by: Jodi | April 2, 2010

“Small Victories” Published!

I just peeked at the latest issue of Soft Whispers and my latest short story has been included.  They are still at a phase where they still take just about everything, but I’m not complaining.  All the other entries are fantastic and I feel I’m in good company.  After a read through, I’m sure that mine didn’t get the coveted favorite story and the author interview; I’m ok with that.  My name is still on it and every little success counts.

Check it out:

Soft Whispers Issue 3

“Small Victories” on page 24 and “Brittle” on page 8



  1. Congratulations! That’s exciting. : )

  2. […] “Small Victories” Published […]

  3. Congratulations on that. I’ve just popped a new window to look.

  4. Jodi, both were good, but I especially liked Small Victories.

  5. Hi Jodi! Congratulations! What a joy to see those ink and typesetter letters! I’m Abby Tohline’s aunt, and when at her site I noticed yours, and I enjoyed your story and poem very much. I want to hear some more about Sam…always the hall mark of a good story – you leave people wanting to know more! I love to read Maeve Binchy’s short stories (as well especially as her novels). I am only disappointed when they end…I always want to know more. Anyway, KEEP WRITING! You are doing a great job. Paula


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