Looking back, Looking forward

While writing up the  blog review for last week I went through and read some of my earliest posts. At the time they were written I thought that they were decent pieces.  However, looking back I can see the awkward sentences, unnecessary words, and the myriad of other sins I would catch now.   The difference?  Seven weeks of intensive writing, both on the manuscript and online, paired with unnumbered hours of reading other writer’s blogs.

Anything that we dedicate time and energy to in our lives is bound to improve, a golf swing, speaking a foreign language, learning a musical instrument.  I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.  Looking forward I can only hope to continue improving and mastering the art of writing.

Improvement hasn’t come without a cost.  Now that I’m more aware of all the errors and writing pitfalls everything takes longer to complete.  I find myself putting off writing until I can have a useful chunk of time.   This is a deadly practice, as there is never a perfect chunk of time during my day.   My inner perfectionist needs to take a vacation so I can get something done!

Happy Writing!


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I'm an aspiring novelist working in fantasy and suspense, for now. I also have two pretty awesome blogs! https://myliteraryquest.wordpress.com and http://jodilmilnerauthor.wordpress.com
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3 Responses to Looking back, Looking forward

  1. How right you are! The inner perfectionist makes demands, and the inner editor points out problems. Sometimes, though, you need to blind and deafen yourself to them and cut loose on your work.

    Isn’t it so that our work less than we wanted it to be, but better than our fears?

  2. Lua says:

    Looking back and seeing how much you’ve improved gives you the best motivation and the encouragement possible 🙂 I’m glad you’re seeing the difference in your writing… I %100 agree with you on the fact that anything you dedicate time & energy will eventually improve. Thank God we enjoy the work 🙂

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