Fun Friday – Tarja Turunen “I Walk Alone”

There are few things that move me more than a good piece of music. And “I Walk Alone” is one of my very favorites. It’s beautiful, intense and intriguing – all the elements that I wish to blend into my WIP. Although at this point it’s silly to daydream about a movie version of my future book, should the opportunity present itself I would hand the director a list of these music videos and force him to watch.



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5 Responses to Fun Friday – Tarja Turunen “I Walk Alone”

  1. Holy wow! I’ve never heard of that song or the singer. Instant fan, now. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  5. lestat546 says:

    Tarja`s great. I share my photosho designs a Tarja wallpapers.
    greetings from Costa Rica

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