The Weekly Review #3

This week was tiring. The kids weren’t sleeping well and were grouchy/hyperactive on a whole new and disturbing level.  I was trying to write a thrilling conclusion for the manuscript and kept falling flat. The weekly quota was deadly to finish and once again, not stellar material.  This brings the work to over 45,000 words. Progress, not perfection.

After writing, rewriting, and reimagining my bizarre little attempt at a sci-fi short story I finally threw it into the “work on later” pile. I can’t get the pieces to come together in a way worth writing about.  And here I’m the one that preaches that any story is interesting when written well enough.  Grrrr.   I would love to compose one submittable story this quarter and have it accepted.  To do that I’ll need to go idea shopping again.  Off to Google images – YeeHah!

Hopefully, with some decent rest and a few calmer days, I’ll get the last part of the big WiP written and by next week be able to start the more intense process of a slash and burn first edit.  That’s the big goal for this week.  If a great short story stumbles my way I’ll jot it down as well.  No sweat, not going to force it this week.


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