The Weekly Review #2

Didn’t I just write one of these? Yikes, time does fly when you have something to work on.  The big manuscript passed 40,000 words today, a lot of the writing lately has been very poor.  More a skeleton than a fleshed out story, which is lamentable because when I review a chapter I want to say “Wow, that’s better than I remember”  instead of, “This will need work.”

I did find material for a short story, going to dabble in a bit of science fiction this time.  All my long hours watching Star Trek will finally pay off.  The idea centers around a boy who is relocated to another planet and the surprise he finds there.  I haven’t quite hammered out how it’s going to end, still trying to decide between a couple of ideas.

I wanted to submit a short story somewhere last week, but couldn’t pull one together in time.  Instead, I submitted a poem over at Soft Whispers.  I don’t usually write poetry but this idea had taken my brain hostage and I had to do something to knock it free.   Haven’t heard back yet, might not for a few weeks.

Happy writing!


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