Getting Rid of Rosie by Lynda Simmons

Yet again I had the pleasure of being someone’s reading guinea pig.  This time it was much closer to the source – a relative of the author wanted my father-in-law’s opinion of the book.  He doesn’t do much reading apart from work.  And if he did, he’s not a chick lit kind of guy.

I hardly ever read chick lit unless it gets mind bending reviews so this might be it for the year.  My honest opinion, “Getting Rid of Rosie” is a fun and easy read. The plot is fresh and unpredictable.  The characters unique and well-formed.  The goal of this book is to entertain and it succeeded.  Simmons strength is in creating great characters that work well together.

Sorry, no harsh critique today.   There were enough bits that I wouldn’t recommend it to my more conservative friends.  Mostly language and one steamy scene, enough to push it into the “R” category if this were a movie.  Other than that everything worked.

So if you like a book with a good story, some supernatural activity, and a bit of romance, this one’s for you!


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