The Little Writer that Could

Took a mini break from my big manuscript to try writing a bit of flash fiction for a submission. Having not submitted anything anywhere, (unless you count High School, I don’t) writing and editing took on a new thrill. It wasn’t even my genre, I never write romance and certainly never horror. This submission was looking for both, together. And here’s the kicker – it can’t be over 1000 words. I think I finished at 993 and still might go back and add touches of description. I have a friend proofing it before submission and am anxious to hear her remarks.

I submit the work early next week and will give updates as they come.

I think I can, I think I can…


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I'm an aspiring novelist working in fantasy and suspense, for now. I also have two pretty awesome blogs! and
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3 Responses to The Little Writer that Could

  1. jingle says:

    cute post,
    you really inspire and shine, 😉

  2. Wishing you luck with you flash fiction.

  3. Walker says:

    I’m working on making a few submissions myself… a first for me too. I’ve chosen a short chapter from the book!
    Good Luck

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