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Writing exercise: The Alphabet

Use this quick exercise to get your fingers and brain moving. Without stopping to think write a word to correspond with each letter of the alphabet it, any word. It doesn’t have to be a real word, it could be a name, whatever.

Here goes mine:
a – alphabet

An interesting picture from my image search

b – bother
c – camel
d – duck
e – elephant
f – fish
g – giraffe
h – hippie
i – igloo
j – jerk
k – kamas
l – llama
m – music
n – nothing
o – octopus
p – Penelope
q – quintuplet
r – rhinoceroses
s – septuagenarian
t – turtle
u – umbrella
v – vulture
w – walrus
x – xenophobia
y – yippie
z – Zander

OK – that wasn’t a very interesting list. My brain is suffering from spending time with my young kids, I got away while they were watching Word World.  Now I’ve purged the zoo animals from my brain I’ll give it another try.

Again, from the image search. I recommend this movie to everyone.

a – absolute
b – baraka
c – citrus
d – dovetail
e – ermine
f – fantasy
g – goatee
h – handshake
i – ice cream
j – jellybean
k – kaleidoscope
l – licorice
m – mambo
n – necktie
o – orange
p – plenitude
q – quirk
r – rabid
s – seashell
t – turquoise
u – underwear
v – vulture
w – word world
x – xerxes
y – yellow
z – zantac

That I can work with, and I’m craving sweets, go figure. There are dozens of things you can do with your list to get your brain flowing. Here are a few:

  • Pick two or three words at random to make a title and freewrite a story.
  • Try to use ten of the words to describe a random picture. Get the picture by running a google image search one of your more interesting words, force yourself to use a result from the first page.
  • Write a journal entry from the perspective of one of your less understood characters, use ten of your words.

What will you do with your list?



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