Daydreaming of my Ideal Writing Situation

Those of us who are not writing professionally as a full-time  job will appreciate this.  We are the ones who have to find pockets of time where we can fit it in.  I’ve often fantasized about what life would be like if I were a full-time professional writer and were able to make a personal schedule.  It would look something like this:

6am Wake and Breakfast (perhaps read the paper…)
6:30 Exercise and get ready for day
7:30 Answer email
8:00 Hour of Research and Development (focused reading of other fiction or writing improvement literature)
9:00  Free write more of rough draft – progress not perfection.  Word quota 2,500 daily.
10:00 Snack Break
10:15 Work on web popularity, find other fantasy writing blogs to subscribe to, etc
10:45 Edit and revise earlier chapters, add description and depth
11:45 Work on maps, names, city layouts, devices
12:30 Lunch Break
1:30 More Editing
2:30 power walk
3:00 Afternoon snack
3:15 More  Free writing
4:15 Have fun with new ideas, new story lines, things that make writing fun!
5:00 – Done! Go live life, use reality as great way to add nice touches to writing.

Naturally, I can’t try this anytime soon.  I have no idea if it would actually work for me or if it would drive me crazy. I’m a time/schedule oriented person by nature and like having guidelines telling me how long I should stick at things. If left to my own devices I’d spend most of the day aimlessly wandering the web.

Here’s what my real day looks like:
6am – wake and get to computer, try to make daily quota of 1,000 words before kids wake up. Usually doesn’t happen
6:45 – Around now the kids wake, no kidding. Next two hours revolve around getting everyone fed and dressed and getting hubby off for work.
8:50 – Take child #1 to preschool or some other activity most days
10:15ish – return from said activity and play referee between two kids, a snack must happen in here somewhere. thankfully #2 takes her nap at-
11am – Attempt to breathe. Find activity for kid #1 to do that doesn’t need me so I can work on manuscript and maybe make quota.
11:03 – Attempt failed. Won’t do activity without MOM. But WILL help mom with housework, kind of. Let’s do housework!
12:30 – Child #2 wakes around now, must get lunch together for everyone and clean up after.
1:40 Leave for gym most days – thankfully it has a great daycare! Attempt to think through plot and character issues while working up a sweat.
3:45 Get home from gym to referee the monkeys again – Quiet Movie Time often happens here, and mom sneaks a Diet Coke. Sneak to computer and get 10 minutes in before being climbed on. How do they know?!? Work on Dinner if it is my night to cook.
5:00 Dad comes home! Dinner and family life continues to happen.
8:00 Kids in Bed!!!! Huzzah. If Dad has projects to work on I can finish my quota, or drop dead. Usually I finish my quota.

I can’t wait for them to both be in full-time school, call me selfish but it sounds great!

Oh – highlighters are not toxic, but they do glow under black light. Cool.

More later, after I reach my quota of 5,000 words for the week.

About Jodi

Jodi L. Milner is a writer, mandala enthusiast, and educator. Her epic fantasy novel, Stonebearer’s Betrayal, was published in November 2018 and rereleased in Jan 2020. She has been published in several anthologies. When not writing, she can be found folding children and feeding the laundry, occasionally in that order.
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3 Responses to Daydreaming of my Ideal Writing Situation

  1. Walker says:

    I love it. I’m actually without a job right now. I struggle with a schedule and when I get to the ‘cruise’ the internet part I lose all notion of time and fly all over the place. Fun, informative but not always productive!

  2. i genuinely adore your writing kind, very interesting.
    don’t quit and keep posting considering the fact that it simply just truly worth to follow it,
    impatient to look at more of your current well written articles, have a great day 😉

  3. SteveC says:

    I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

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